Why you Should get a Stinger Bumper

Ok, I admit, I’m a newbie at this. My Jeep came with a stinger bumper and although I think it definitely looks cool, I still wanted to know its purpose.

The video below and a few smart people on jeepforum.com made me a believer. I doubt I will ever own a jeep with a different bumper now.

So why a stinger bumper?

Because they prevent your Jeep from rolling end over end when going down a steep angle. Jeeps can handle a really steep descent, but eventually, you will find an angle your Jeep can’t handle. The Jeep is basically a box shape and will happily tumble forward. This will smash your front grill, radiator, engine, hood, windshield and potentially you.

By having a bumper that sticks out farther than most and goes at an angle away from the Jeep, this keeps the rock or ditch at arm’s length. Instead of your vehicle rolling forward, the bumper will allow the jeep to roll to the side instead or hopefully, not at all (a much happier occasion).

I saw lots of vendors selling these things (Smittybilt, PoisonSpyder, ShrockWorks, Rugged Ridge, Warn, etc. ), so who you get the bumper from is pretty much a preference thing. All I can say is “thank you” for my own Jeep already coming with the stinger bumper attached :)

G3 Jeeper

Need a Stinger Bumper?

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