More Than Just A Rocky Mountain High


Check out this badass custom Jeep project! Tell me that doesn’t make you want to close out your kids college fund and head for the mountains! The star on the hood alone makes you want to trade your suit in for a Captain America costume. She’s available for a song on eBay right now. Get [...]

Garage Door Opener Jeep Modification

Garage Door Opener Jeep Modification

Where do you put your garage door opener in your jeep? Are you brave and just toss it on the dash, or clip it on the visor? I have a soft top and I usually don’t have the back and side windows in the Jeep. This is great to drive around in, but not very [...]

Rhino Lined Jeep Keys Are Fun!

Custom Jeep Rhino keys red

When you have a really cool Jeep, its hard not to want bling that matches your vehicle. People get jackets with logos, keychains with symbols, stickers and T-Shirts that call attention to brands that we like. So, I wanted a really cool Jeep key. Not just any stock Jeep key. I wanted a unique Jeep [...]

Replacing The Valkyrie Jeep Dash Bezel

Valkyrie Custom Jeep Project Final 197

This weekend we replaced the marbleized Jeep Wrangler dash bezel on the Valkarie Jeep with a Rhino Liner painted version that matches the outside of the Jeep. It’s just one of those little touches that makes the custom Jeep match inside and out. G3 Jeeper Need a Jeep Bezel?

How can I get my Jeep mirrors to stay put!?

G3Jeeps flying jeep

Its a beautiful day outside and you are ready to go and enjoy your Jeep Wrangler. You jump in, close the door and hit the road.  You go to make a lane change and  the side view mirror is pointed at the clear blue sky again. “What the heck?,”" you think to yourself, “I’m positive [...]

Is that a 1940′s bomber or Nitto Mud Grapplers??


Nitto Mud Grapplers — First Impression I was lucky enough to get to upgrade one of our Jeeps to some Nitto Mud Grappler.  I can honestly say these tire are great.  They drive awesome on the street and do even better in the mud (hence the name I guess.)  At 35mph the howl of tires [...]

Jeep White-Rhino Project Finish Line

Custom Jeep Dallas white rhino

We are finally at the finish line for “White Rhino”. The project was an incredible success and is one of the best driving jeeps that we have ever produced. The long arm lift made a huge difference in how it performs and between the aftermarket air intake and exhaust, matched with the right gearing, this [...]

Buying Cheap 315/75/16 Off-Road Tires


Let’s face it, the bigger the tire, the more expensive it will be. It gets even worse when you go for M/T offroad tires. I bought my Jeep with BFG KM2′s 315/75/16 on them. These are really expensive to replace. So how can I keep my big tires and still afford gas money to get [...]

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